quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

Kicking asses around the word

Após a definição de que Donald Trump será o novo presidente da América, escrevi um artigo especialmente para quem ficou apavorado, com o coração machucado, e emitiu opiniões valiosíssimas, do tipo “Ain, zentsi, para o mundo que eu quero desce’ãm! Trump??? Alô-ôu!” Leia aqui: http://bit.ly/2fUb1UP.

Pois meu amigo Diego Baldusco tratou de traduzi-lo para o inglês, de modo que agora podemos dar uma enquadrada em histéricos do mundo todo.



Okay, you're in shock over the Donald Trump election. But do you know why? Is it because he's a rude, racist, macho, xenophobic? No, that's not why. Admit it. You are in shock, you hate Trump, because - sorry to inform - you are MANIPULATED by the mainstream media. Excuse me, but that's it.

Gee, do you really think that watching [untranslatable Brazilian media equivalent to CNN, NY Times and similar vehicles of misinformation] you are a great critic, a person whose feelings deserve attention? Yes, FEELINGS, because all I see is you saying "I'm in shock", "I'm terrified", "I'm sad". Are you, really? So what!? When it comes to politics, about decisions that affect the lives of billions of people, who puts the feelings first in any analysis deserves nothing else but a pacifier and a bib.

At this very moment you're thinking, "Oh, but you say that because you like Trump ..." HOW SHOULD I KNOW IF YOU LIKE TRUMP OR NOT !? I have never had personal contact with him. Look, [I bet this is not the case, but ...] it may be that even Hillary Clinton is a nicer person than Donald Trump, more "sweetheart-like", but that does not matter. These are feelings, not facts; Not even close to reality.

Please leave that football fan mentality aside and stop this bullshit of "being against something", "in favor of something", "liking something" or "disliking something". All the information for or against what is thought, a priori, must be deeply analyzed, proven, turned upside down, attested, until there are no doubts about it. Well, you make your opinion from headlines! In other words, your opinion is worth less than the loud crying of a hungry child. So swallow your feelings and grow up once and for all!

The information you have about Trump came straight from the mainstream media. You did not thoroughly investigate anything that terrified or shocked you. Admit it. Be sincere. You saw a headline here, another there, heard some specialist who never accurately described anything while you were making a horror face. And then you have formed your opinion - and there is no real fact that is able to change it.

"Trump is racist, homophobic, xenophobic ..." Have you seen Trump's beautiful and foreign wife? Have you seen any of the various videos of volunteers, employees and former Trump employees, black people, homosexuals, Latinos, immigrants, strongly defending the new American president? If you did not see any of these, take a look at the election results and check out who won in Florida, the most "Chicano" US state.

"Ah, but the wall ..." THE WALL ALREADY EXISTS. Trump just said he will tighten security mechanisms, build new ones (including widening border walls) and enhance control of those who can enter. Nothing different from what you do at your beautiful little home. Just like you, Trump and most Americans just want people to live in peace, honestly and productively. What a crime, uh?

"Ahh, but Trump was swearing, being rude during his speeches..." That's true. But, so what, Mother Theresa of Calcutta? By the way, do you know who else is freaking out about all this bullshit Trump is saying? Journalists and intellectuals who applauded feminists who broke holy images and stuck crucifixes on their butts, who applauded the murderous and destructive protesters in Brazil, who relativize the guerilla's terrorism... You are getting carried away by people who are selectively indignant, who first look at who did this or that before approving or condemning. To these people, it does not matter what is said but only who said. What really matters is that this one is part of "the club" and the other one is not. And these people are the source of your deepest feelings.

However, the most important thing here is that the media, in general, has not given information, but has shared its desires, wishes and clear support. Nothing more than that. And this happens for two reasons. The first, long ago established, is that journalists, be it in Brazil or in the US, in general, consider themselves to be left-wing; For the exercise of the profession, this (having a political position) is not a problem; The problem lies on the fact that they do not know how to act professionally and end up behaving like football fans discussing the results of the weekend matches. They mislead the real information, distort, lie, and mold the facts to their militant views.

But there is an aggravation: tens of thousands of e-mails from Hillary Clinton and her advisers, intercepted by the FBI, prove that several participants of mainstream media were reportedly at the service of the Democrats' campaign, including consulting Hillary's staff on the questions that should be asked to her and to Trump during the presidential debates (just one example). Learning about the American elections with these people is like asking at the bakery whether eating chocolate cake is good for your health or not.

By the way, these emails implicate the Clintons and their "guys" in:
– pedophilia,
– child abuse,
– financing of abortion,
– money laundry,
– perjury,
– obstruction of justice,
– negotiations involving the Clinton Foundation, etc.

Anyways, if we solely analyze the person of Donald Trump, there is nothing more than behavioral drawbacks against a successful entrepreneur and a politician with a solid national project. That is, an excellent candidate (which does not mean that he will actually be an excellent president).

If we compare him to Clinton and her minions, who accumulate crimes and serious crime charges, Trump becomes a mandatory choice (even if he was not an excellent candidate).

Here we have facts, not feelings. My feelings are of "Schadenfreude" in relation to the mainstream media, of hope towards the world, of joy to see the PEOPLE who live the real life burying the left. But it does not matter. What really matters are the facts. And the fact here is that you let yourself be fooled.

PS: it's clear that Trump can screw up. The point here is simply the fact that he is not the devil the beautiful people claim he is.

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  1. Your translation needs a little bit of polishing. It is quite good, but I'd ask a professional translator to take a look before publishing. Great job, nevertheless.